Flipping Bottles

Mike Senatore is an 18-year-old from Andrey Kell High School in Charlotte, NC. He bottle-flipped on a recent talent show and, unfortunately for the majority of adults, the bottle flip addiction has spread worldwide. The bottle flip was first done by Mike, but now it is practised all over the world by school children and even some adults.

One person said; “flipped a water bottle in class today and it’s the most lit thing I have ever experienced.” This was said when the bottle flip was only taking off, but now it has excelled to be a world phenomenon. Not everyone will have a ready-made stage to perform on and a wildly enthusiastic crowd of teens to make the moment even better like Mike did, but most people have phones with a camera and a number of surfaces onto which water bottles can be flipped. Think about it.

The craze of the bottle flip has extended and become more and more crazy: now capping them, flipping them on small ledges and landing them upright from further distances are the new goals. Who knows what will be thought of next?

If you want to know more then visit http://fusion.net/story/306685/water-bottle-flip-video-watch/

By Ashvini Kamalathasan and Libby Thomas, 8KF

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