Trump Tramples Clinton: Thoughts from Thornden Live!

pionting trumpOn the 9th November Donald Trump won the White House over Hilary Clinton.  After his announcement that he was running for president over year ago, people are surprised at his victory. As one American said: “I think there will be lots of Americans who will be ashamed of their country for the next 5 years.

Despite the fact that Trump got 47.4% of the votes to Clintons 47.7%, Trump won 290 Electoral College votes and he needed 270 to win. Each state has a number of Electoral College votes depending on the size of the state.

Hilary Clinton was the Secretary of State for 4 years and it is thought that with more time in politics you get more hate, so this might be one reason why she lost since Trump has no experience at all.

What Thornden Live thinks of Trump’s Presidency

Miles: “I think he could be a good president but he could be BAD. But only time will tell.”

Mustafa: “I believe that America wanted a change which is why they wanted to choose someone with less experience so they could see what he is capable of”

Robyn: “Personally, I have gotten over the surprise of Trump winning but I think Hilary Clinton should have at least showed up. I just feel bad for Americans”

Piper: “Build a wall around Donald Trump and I’ll pay for it.”