Black Friday – Is it Worth it?

Can’t wait for the festive period? When should I buy the Christmas presents?

Kicking off on the 25th of November, you will witness one or two hour queues in stores and even queues on the popular websites such as the likes of Argos, Amazon and Tesco plus many more…

The main purpose of the sale is for people to buy early Christmas presents for friends and family to avoid going out of the budget when Christmas comes within touching distance.

In the past, Black Friday has always been a one-day affair but this year lots of companies have held this sale for a whole week and even two weeks as they look to attract ever higher number of people to part with their hard-earned cash.

However, the critics suggest that companies such as Argos and Amazon shouldn’t be allowed to do these two-week sales because Black Friday is strictly just meant to be on a specific Friday of November, not a two-week sale. Some believe that these retailers simply want to get money for their ‘low-selling products’. Whilst this is how some people view the sale, you should make your own assessment – bear in mind what you are getting and whether you can purchase this for cheaper somewhere else.

My advice is to getting buying, and make your family’s day – but remember not to go out of your budget and bear in mind what you are getting exactly and how this is a benefit for you.

By Mustafa Shakil 8AF