Matt Dickinson author visit to Thornden

Right in front of our eyes, sitting in Thornden Hall, was the famous film-maker and author Matt Dickinson. In a career spanning from risks, injuries and achievements, Matt Dickinson had completed his child-hood ambition- a trip up Everest.

Why? How? Because he showed his dedication and passion for adventures when he was younger and kept dreaming and believing. As well as that, he also fascinated us with the best of his personal experiences and adventures including the time when he got frostbite on his hand during his memorable time at Everest. He showed us a few videos of his ‘Everest Files’ series in which he takes bitesize clips in his journey to reaching the summit of Everest. He also said that if you want to achieve your ambition, you would better start now and follow it until you grasp the glory. You may not need a £1,000 Canon camera as Mr. Dickinson showed us, producing work for the National Geographic and the BBC from his iPhone! Can you believe it’s not a hard job when you actually think about it? This may have taught all Thornden pupils from the author visit that if you follow your ambitions and work hard towards achieving them, you never know what may lie ahead…

By Mustafa Shakil 8AF

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