Smashing It!

Racket sports have been a trend for centuries, with the Victorians playing tennis with heavy, wooden rackets and wearing fashionable dresses. It was quite a squeeze for the Victorians! It wasn’t for the lower classes, only royal people could play it.

A lightning strike from above led to a ‘Eureka’ moment. The racket was revolutionised into the metal racket we now see and use, with nylon based string, nylon centre and nylon jacket. Now the racket is made to be hit!

Meanwhile with badminton it still is a hit success, literally! It was first played over 200 years ago and still a trend. So think about your grandparents again – they aren’t so boring after all!!! But in the 1600’s, the trends hit: badminton, which was first called poon, rose as fast as the Victorians. Like its cousin Tennis, it grew up with a wooden racket, and ‘hit’ adulthood with nylon strings.

Both have their own tournaments and are still popular sports, played regularly, today in the 21st century.

The future for racket sports have a very long path to go. Doubtless the next few centuries will mould their own modern versions and you can guarantee it will still be fun!

By Jusha Zhang 8AF

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