We Want More!

I’m sure you’d all agree that we should see some changes at Thornden for the upcoming year, in order to make this school even more exciting and fun for us students. Here are my top three suggestions of how we could liven things up a bit

More variety for inter-tutor tournaments

It gets a bit annoying when we have all those inter-tutor football tournaments. I believe that we need a variety of sports to suit other people’s needs if we are to find some natural talents within this school and grow as a school.

More choice in the canteen

We Thornden students get bored when we have to see the same food every day in the canteen. We need a variety of food in the canteen, in order to engage many ‘picky’ eaters into our healthy school canteen. How about asking students for their suggestions

More and better facilities

We all, of course, want the luxury life at school, even though you do know that it’s not always possible. But with better facilities we could be happier at school and more likely to look forward to going to school. We could have a better pitch for cricket and rounders games, as well as having gym equipment for those seeking strength and muscles. Maybe even a swimming pool…

I guess I’ll keep dreaming…

By Mustafa Shakil 8AF

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