Seven Things Only a Thornden Student Knows

I’m sure we’d all agree that Thornden’s a great school. That said, there are some slightly odd things about it. Here are things seven things that only a Thornden student knows…


  1. Crazy Climates: Some rooms are baking hot but others are freezing. My computer room is super-hot and strikingly stuffy, but geography is freakily freezing and the air con is wafts air around the room so aggressively it blows paper from tables!


  2. Corridor Traffic Jams: Most people ignore the up/down only signs on stairs but the two-way stairs are the worse. Often, there is a queue all the way down the corridor just to get up the stairs! When this happens, don’t be lazy – you know it’s quicker to take the longer route outside.      


  3. A Foul Stench: Classrooms that are also used as tutor bases smell foul. How do people manage to make such a mess with their lunch? Do not waste the brownies by encrusting them into the carpet!


  4. Sticky Problems: It is gross to find chewing gum on your table and chairs, and odd, because we are not even allowed gum.


  5. Crammed Canteen: It is packed in the canteen at lunch and break. There are tables in their which look cool but no one sits on them, so they are, in effect, totally pointless.. Strangely, the canteen is completely empty after about ten minutes.


  6. Stupid Shops: On Hiltingbury road, there are lots of shops and they used to be rammed before and after school. This was frustrating because it was impossible to even see the things you wanted to buy! Now, thanks to a new rule limiting the number of students in the shop at any one time, you can’t even get into the shop.


  7. Not Banksy: School equipment equals graffiti. These drawings range from crazy, inappropriate and just plain disappointing. It is impossible to go around school without finding some shameful graffiti that destroys the school’s appearance. It’s not funny and it’s not clever.


So there you have it – seven things you’re privileged to know as a Thornden Student. You’re welcome!

By Will Marritt and Libby Thomas 8KF




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