Why you should join Thornden Live!

What is Thornden Live?Thornden Logo

Thornden Live is a club with pupils from all years, combining their ideas and updates to post on the school website.

How we run things

Before the club starts we have a mini meeting just to assure that everyone is busy either doing something independent or working on a group project with friends. The topics that you can write about are almost endless in terms of possibility. They of course have to be appropriate for young readers such as year sevens but they can be formal, informal, funny, serious and much more!  Just to add; if you of your parents wish for you to remain anonymous for any reason then that is also ok and easy to do.

Added Bonuses

  • You can ask people for opinions or help
  • We have biscuit breaks almost every week
  • It’s not very formal (we can laugh and chat within reason)
  • There is absolutely no pressure to be put onto the shoulders of people if they don’t complete something in time
  • The whole club is chilled out and you can join in any year.

We meet every Thursday, in E8, from 3:00 till 4:00. It is on every week unless said otherwise.

Come and join us! We are excited to see some new faces and hope that more people will join.

 By Robyn Taylor


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