5 things that only Thornden pupils find annoying

  1. annoying.jpgRole-play! 9 out of 10 times during a topic you will be put into groups and forced to perform a completely unnecessary performance in front of the whole class. Whilst I know that this does come with some positive aspects, being forced to show something to people who laugh and discriminate against you really doesn’t appeal to me, if I’m honest.
  2. P.E! Do I even need to explain…?
  3. Lockers! Everyone knows that in the switch over in between period 2 and 3 you have approximately 2 minutes before you are classed as “late”! Most of the time it is because your locker is SO FAR AWAY that you need to run there and back! But then of course you would just get told off for running. Not to mention the corridors are so packed anyway its hard move from one side to the other.
  4. Dabs and bottle flips! That’s all.
  5. Teachers! Now don’t take this the wrong way. Teachers are very nice and helpful people but when they try to be cool – that’s another story. Teachers will do all they can to understand pupils, but they need to understand that they are not pupils and should not act like them!

By Robyn Taylor and Libby Thomas


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