‘Acrobatics in an art form and a sport!’

Humans ClubOne of Thornden’s rising stars, Lily in Year 8, has been learning Acrobatics since she was just three years old! She has represented England in high-end competition, receiving Third place in 2013 and Second in 2014. A truly extraordinary feat, requiring nine hours of training a week.

Lily explained to us that acrobatics differs from traditional gymnastics because it involves dance, gymnastics and teamwork. Acrobats are incredibly flexible and can move their bodies into shapes that are ridiculously hard to control. She loves it as it allows her to learn new skills and make very strong friendships, and hopes that other young people will be inspired to get involved in Acrobatics.

Frustratingly, many people have a poor opinion of Acrobatics, not even considering it a sport. Lily wishes that more people would take her sport seriously; ‘Acrobatics is not just gymnastics but is an art form and a sport.

Lily was interviewed by Ashvini and Sophia

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