It’s Not My Fault!

I find it irritating when I’m told “stop being such a teenager” and according to new scientific discoveries this is utterly unfair and certainly not my fault!

When the word teenager is mentioned you probably think of stroppy, lazy, risk-taking, late nights and lie-ins. And to a certain extent, it’s true. For example, the number of preventable deaths in teenagers are twice as high as in under thirteens. Surprisingly, discoveries have found that teens are better at taking risks (just they are easily distracted)!

The limbic system is a collection of complex structures and it is thought to control emotion and reward when we achieve something or do something enjoyable and develops quickly during puberty. One of the changes is that it makes neurons transmit faster, giving it a boost. The prefrontal cortex, which runs through scenarios in your mind, (like when you are imagining what you will tell the teacher when you “forget” homework), only grows in your twenties. So, the teenage monster is caused by this imbalance between the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system.

So, next time you get told of, you can just say “my limbic system did it”!

Although teens get a high sense of award from doing academic work, they get feel much better playing video games. So the 3 hour stint of X-Box it is.

That’s all. Now you can’t complain about teens!

By Will Marritt


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