New and Upcoming Tech

new tech image 1Here’s a roundup of three of the most exciting things happening right now in the tech universe…

Nintendo switch:

The new Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s attempt at taking on PS and Xbox. The Switches launch games are 1-2-Switch, Fast RMX, Just Dance 2017, Human Resource Machine, I Am Setsuna, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Little Inferno, Shovel Knight, Skylanders’ Imaginators, Snipperclips, Super Bomberman R and World of Goo. The main reason people are buying this console is for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because Zelda is a game with a huge fan base (me included).

Razer project Valerie:

This new triple monitor laptop by Razer is the most advanced laptop the world has ever seen. It has three 4k monitors, that total up to 12k of monitor capacity. The laptop also contains a GTX 1080 graphics card, the most advanced graphics card ever created.  It was first unveiled at CES, when it was immediately stolen by someone, even though it was just a display model! It is still a prototype and it is not clear if it will actually launch, but if it does, you can guarantee it will blow your mind!

GTX 1080 TI:

The new graphics card from NVidia is the most powerful yet. It contains 11 Gbps of GDDR5X memory. Compared to the recent card the TITAN X which is £1,179 it only comes in at £699 which is still expensive, but the power that comes from it is insane. The card is the last generation of Pascal technology before NVidia reveals their Volta technology.

By Miles Legood


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