Healthy Chocolate?

Chocolate-HeartChocolate surely must be everyone’s favourite treat. Although I bet you wouldn’t ever expect it to be healthy? We obviously know scoffing down lots of it isn’t good for us. However, did you know it can improve our memory, is beneficial to our skin and can even help us lose weight?! Here is all you need to know about why you should keep eating chocolate.

The cocoa bean is full of nutrients and minerals. Dark chocolate doesn’t just make us feel relaxed but also makes your artery walls relax, increasing flexibility. This stops cells in your bloodstream from clogging blood vessels up (one of the main causes of heart failure). Plus, chocolate is mineral rich including potassium, zinc, selenium and almost 70% of your recommended daily amount of iron.

Now one of the most unbelievable facts: chocolate can help you lose weight! Eating a piece of chocolate triggers hormones in your brain which say: “I’m full” preventing subsequent snacking. This has been proven but doesn’t ever seems the case after having some chocolate!

It has been found to improve insulin sensitivity, possibly preventing diabetes, reduces levels of bad cholesterol and it is thought to reduce memory loss in elderly people.

The bad news is that your ordinary bar of Dairy Milk doesn’t count because the cocoa content is mostly diluted with milk and sugar. To enjoy all of these benefits, you have to ensure that the cocoa content is higher than 70%.

Now feel free to eat as much chocolate as you like, but don’t blame when you’re feeling sick on Easter!

By Will Marritt


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