River of Ink – Genesis

River of InkWritten by Helen Dennis, River of Ink is an intriguing book, which I think most people will enjoy! Before reading it, I heard it was a great book and it definitely is.

On a busy and cold London day, a teenaged boy comes out of the river Thames. He knows nothing. Not who he is, how he got there or what to do. Even after becoming a sensation on the news, still nobody claims him or know anything about him. Everyone asked him, as if they had some magic way of phrasing the question “who are you?” but he still couldn’t answer. A single clue emerges; a mysterious, twisted symbol that he has no idea how he drew.

Meanwhile Kassia is working extremely hard to do her GCSE’s early and eventually become a doctor. She doesn’t have a Dad and her OCD mum is very pushy. After agreeing to look after River Boy, Kassia finds herself in great danger. A completely unexpected, action-packed mystery unravels.

This book was good but I didn’t enjoy it as much Bubble Boy (see my earlier review). There was a mix of good action-packed bits but other parts dragged a little and were less interesting. I would give it:

Enjoyment: 7. Like I said, sometimes I lost interest.

Enrichment: 3.

Engagement: 6.

By Will Marrit


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