A Welcome Change

As you are probably aware the school is bringing in a new uniform. This is to prevent students from rolling their skirts up too high and to stop them from damaging the school’s reputation.

Some pictures of the “new uniform” were leaked on snapchat and a lot of people were panicking and thinking that it was so much worse than it actually is. Before the Easter Holidays we had an assembly explaining that the rumours were indeed true – the uniform was going to change. However, when we were shown the new options, a lot of minds were changed, right then and there.

In my opinion, some students are wearing their skirts at an unacceptably short length currently, so the change was needed. I think that the tartan, grey and purple checked skirts, are very smart. It’s definitely a lot better than the other option, which was having an out of place school logo on black skirts.

As for the trousers I’m not really that picky. I think that if the girls have grey skirts them the boys should have had grey trousers and vice versa, but I don’t really mind.

Another option was for the colour choice of our jumpers. We had a choice of blue (navy) of black. Personally, I am pleased with this decision, preferring the black over the blue, as the blue seems a bit out of place with the tartan skirt.

I personally feel glad that we have will not have to wear black jumpers with black skirts as it has been scientifically proven multiple times that wearing all black significantly lowers your mood. For all those people who might have thought that school was bad enough already, it could have got a whole lot worse!

By Robyn Taylor


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