In a Spin

One thing that makes a teacher go senseless with anger is fidget spinners and fidgetcubes. Many children’s mottos are, “I need to fidget to concentrate,” but this is only true for the minority people. In fact there was never such a large problem with fidgeting before these toys, so why have they become such a thing?

fidget spinners

These toys are not solving the problem, they are creating a problem. Fidget spinners are not even worthy to be named “fidget” spinners. Everyone in Thornden spins them, tries to do tricks with them, and competes with them. One of the tricks is throwing it up in the air and catching it while it is still spinning.

What is the point of this? You are not fidgeting with it, but you are concentrating so intensely that you teachers voice becomes a blur. You only tune in when your teacher is screaming at you to listen. This is not only an annoyance to everyone around you, it’s also doing damage to your grades and how you’re getting on in class. Not paying attention will only make things harder for you now and in the future.

How do you think it makes people with actual fidget problems feel when they aren’t allowed to use these fidget toys simply due to the fact that you want something to play with? You’re being cruel. These poor children have serious issues and they can’t pay attention because of the need to fidget. The toys are their saviour, their salvation, yet you take this away from them. Are you really the type of person that would do something so harsh?

I hope, if you’re one of these people, that this article has opened up your eyes and that you will not continue to act in such a disgusting manner. If you’ve frequently disturbed teachers with this behaviour, maybe they’ll be looking forward to an apology? Or if you’ve never even touched a fidget toy and don’t even know what they look like I’m sorry that you had to read this little rant. Now goodbye and remember to keep toys at home, where they belong!

By Ashvini Kamalathasan and Libby Thomas

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