YouTube’s AD Boycott

Many well-respected companies have decided to stop allowing YouTube to show their Ads on YouTube videos. Many controversial videos such as the video that pewdiepie made on a website called fiverr which is where you can pay someone $5 to do whatever you like. In this video he sent people requests to do things were most of them he was not expecting a response. However, these two people decided to accept his request. They held up a sign saying “death to all Jews”. This of course stirred up a lot of hate against pewdiepie and the people on fiverr.

Then an article was published on the Wall Street Journal calling pewdiepie anti-Semitic. They took many clips from his videos out of context and created a video of all of the moments were he was “anti-Semitic”. They even took a part of his video talking about things being taken out of context where he dresses up in a Nazi outfit, salutes, and mentions that it could be easily taken out of context. The Wall Street Journal contacted maker studios, which is owned by Disney and was his network at the time, and showed the video to make studios and they cut the ties with pewdiepie.

Videos like these have been demonetized (not allowed to make money) because they go against the terms of service, but this was not the case before. YouTube decided to add in 2 extra terms of service where it restricts you from talking about sensitive subjects and using inappropriate language. This has had a negative impact on the community and has heavily affected many small YouTubers who create videos about social issues. These videos are labelled controversial their ad revenue has dropped a considerable amount. This has been terrible for them as many of them put a lot of effort into making videos for them to only make a few pounds on each video. To name a few affected YouTubers that I watch: Fitz, Jameskii and WillNE.

However, this has also affected many larger YouTubers with millions of subscribers because the topics they talk about on their channels are “controversial”. People like Pyrocynical and like I mentioned earlier Pewdiepie. Some new information has come out in the last few days about fake iPhone 7 giveaway streams, which have premium Ads on them. This means that YouTube is promoting fake giveaways but the people who put effort into their videos are being put down. Many people are getting very angry about this, as they liked YouTube how it was before when you could make a video about anything and make money off it. YouTube’s motto is ‘broadcast yourself’ which is very contradictory seeing as they are restricting a lot of content. Hopefully companies will put their ads back on YouTube and save many small channels.

To read more on this controversial topic, see this Verge article.

Article by Miles Legood

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