Thornden Hangouts

Top 5 places in Thornden School

Everyone in Thornden knows that during lunch and break everyone splits and goes to different places across the school.

  1. Tutor rooms
  2. Canteen
  3. Field/Astro turf
  4. Library
  5. Stairwell

Let’s explore the best of these below…

Robyn reading her Minecraft book in the library.

Tutor room

Tutor rooms are a popular place for people to go during break and lunch. This is probably because it is your space to go and only for your tutor group/ year group. Everyone lazily sits around the tables and just talks. No one feels the need to do anything else. The most annoying thing about these tutor rooms are when you leave too much mess. This means you get locked out of your tutor room for lunch, or the whole next day, or even the next week. This usually annoys a lot of people, because normally it is only a few people who make the mess. If you are in a science room, or an ICT suite then it sometimes means you are only allowed in the room if you have a teacher with you. This is very annoying, because everyone else in your year but your class have a place to go – but you have to stick to the corridor.


Canteen is one of the best places to go to during lunch because you are surrounded by food. It is convenient for when you are hungry, as you obviously do not have to travel far to satisfy your needs. Also there are tables where everyone can sit. The only problem with the canteen is that it can be very crowded, and noisy, as well as everyone can hear and see you and what you are saying/doing and, as a result, I would only recommend this place to hang out if you are not too irritated by that kind of environment.

It’s not normally this quiet!

Field/Astro turf

Ah, the field and astro turf, a perfect place for all of the student athletes, jocks and sports maniacs… Probably not your cup of tea if you prefer sitting in a quiet place with a book or two. The astro is the place where many people go to play an enthusiastic game of football with friends. On the other hand, there is also the field where you can play any kind of sport, even catch.


The library is a quiet area; the ideal place for the bookworms that were mentioned earlier. There are hundreds of different genres to read from with a wide range of authors from well-known to small town. However, this is no place for your average, loud-mouthed character, as the library is, as you may know, a place of almost silence, so no talking!

Where did everyone go…?


Sometimes you have nowhere to turn. You have been kicked out of your tutor room or you were never permitted to enter in the first place and you are not interested in sports or the tight spaces of the canteen. You are also looking for a place where you can sit and chat, so the library is an obvious no. Well, search no further, as a simple stairwell shall satisfy your needs just fine! It may not be the most comfortable area for you to settle down, nevertheless, beggars cannot be choosers! I am sure you will adapt just fine.

By Libby Thomas and Ashvini Kamalathasan.

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