Abbie Warrington – Humans of Thornden

Abbie Warrington, in 8KF, has proven that she is one of Thornden’s incredible students. At the age of eight she started training to become an athlete and has achieved so much since. Every week Abbie trains seven hours, to get to the level she is at now. One of her greatest achievements is winning nationals, making her one of the country’s best athletes. Abbie makes many sacrifices, like using her money on training. Also many of her competitions are on weekends, meaning she has no time to hang out with her friends.

Abbie told us, “To be an athlete you must motivate yourself, have confidence, and have perseverance.” Abbie believes that no-one can achieve so much if they are not determined and if they give up. She is a great role model to aspiring athletes and to inspire others she said, “believe in yourself, have confidence and follow your dreams”.

by Ashvini Kamal

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