Misunderstood animals

Aww. We’re lovely, really

Many animals are misunderstood – like the spider and hippo. This time I will talk about the crocodile, what people call ‘the cold blooded killer’, but, really, it is a loyal, helpful softy.

Just the other day, I was watching a series about the natives around the world, and one tribe have made a deal with a massive 5-metre long crocodile: they wouldn’t kill it if it scares away other crocodiles. This helps the tribe carry on, and the crocodile have unlimited food. This has been like this for over 50 years. And many people think a crocodile may leave all or one baby croc to die alone but she won’t; she will make many trips scooping her babies up with her mouth, she doesn’t crush them but her teeth will make bars like on a prison so no crocks fall. This doesn’t hurt anyone.

Croc and, ah, Croc!

Like other animals they need us to stop polluting their waters, draining their food. That’s probably (when it very rarely happens) why they attack us. All this pollution could choke him, this may look funny but it could kill him…

By Chris Jones

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