On a dark and stormy night…

It was a dark and stormy night. As lightning ricocheted across the sky, a young boy called James, with dark black hair and neon, green eyes, ran to a murky old fence. As he jumped over the fence into the back garden of the ancient, derelict house, rain fell upon him.

He ran into the back of the house; the door creaked open… As he ran in, he was welcomed by thousands of cobwebs and spiders. James closed the door and trudged in. By the door, lay a rotten skull; James slowly recoiled back and hit something hard. He slowly looked back: he stood in shock as a shiver ran down his throat.


Loud noises came from upstairs; he went slowly upstairs to inspect it. HISSSSSSS. Another noise came from upstairs. James was petrified; he walked back down the stairs. CLINK. He turned his head around and took a glimpse there stood a clown holding a sword…

He ran upstairs. There he found a stream of liquid pouring down the stairs; he looked at it. BLOOD. He screamed. He looked around. There was a pair of speakers. On a sign it said ‘Thank you for entering the death scream haunted house!’. So he took the exit. James wondered about how they had made those effects – so revolutionary for the 20th century. Could this be…..

By Rahul Challa

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