Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank’s House

‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ is about a 13 year old girl, named Anne Frank. Anne is an extremely famous young girl – born in Frankfurt, she was a Jewish girl living in Germany during World War 2. This book is a copy of her actual diary that she wrote in during the Nazi rule and it explains, very clearly, what life was like for the Jews and how they were treated; Anne and her family were in hiding for two years!

On 6th July 1942, The Franks were forced into hiding because Hitler came into power and he hated Jews. They hid in an annexe which was based in Amsterdam, located above her father’s office. All the Franks (including Anne, Margot who was her sister, her mother and her father) and the Van Danns hid for 2 years. Her last diary entry was August 1st 1944 and then 3 days later (at around about 10:00 or 10:30am) a yellow car parked outside the office and, emerging from the car and into the night, were the police and two Nazi officers. They raided their belongings, took their money and then they arrested the 8 people who were hiding in the annexe. After being on a cramped, squalid train for a couple of days, Anne finally was transported into a camp for Jews: Auschwitz – the Nazi Death Camp. After being in the camp for a year, Anne died from disease in late February 1945, regrettably, only a few weeks before the British troops arrived and set them free.

Jewish Star

I recommend this emotionally charged book to anyone who loves history and believes in the strength and bravery of youth in face of adversity. It is a very inspirational and an amazing book; sadly, even though you want a sequel to see Anne succeed, there will never be one – this is truly a heart-wrenchingly stunning book.

When you read this book, you feel like you are in Anne’s shoes in a beautifully haunting way.

By Hannah Oxley 7BCO

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