Extraordinary Means – a book review

Extraordinary Means is an amazing book by Robyn Schneider; it includes modern humour, teenage romance and will make you rethink the value of life. Fans of John Green would definitely enjoy this story: it has a similar emotional impact, a similar tone of despair, yet the book remains oddly uplifting.

This rollercoaster all begins with a teenage boy named Lane, who had fallen ill with an infectious disease, was cast off to a special boarding school full of others just like him. Lane was not particularly fond of this idea, as it tore him away from his family, friends and girlfriend, however, as the story continues, Lane meets new people who may just change his view of the school.

You’d think that in a school full of terminally ill kids, you wouldn’t face the problem of being the new kid alone at school? Well, you’re wrong. Lane couldn’t find life anymore depressing; by himself in a school full of kids who are literally dying and his ditching tour guide. Then a funny, friendly yet seemingly so far away group of close of friends, including a girl named Sadie, happened to catch our protagonist’s eye. Could they change his life around before death came knocking at his door?

Overall, we both really enjoyed this book, landing a magnificent rating of 9/10. We found it intense, compelling and heart-breaking. We recommend this book for anyone who still wants a great read but wants a break from heavy action books, although, we can’t promise you that you will come out of it emotionally unscathed.

Just remember, life goes on… until it doesn’t.

By Libby Thomas and Ashvini Kamalathasan

5 thoughts on “Extraordinary Means – a book review

    1. mrs burnett i miss you lodes. we just did an assesment and i rote a page and a half . (which is good for me). libby wrote 8 pages. from eviex


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