The Marmalade Loving Bear Returns

Coming to cinemas near you…. The one, the only……


Well, we all love Paddington; the first film was brilliantly funny but, the question is: what is Paddington Bear 2 about? What scrapes and adventures can the loveable bear get himself into this time?

Paddington 2 is about Paddington’s auntie is turning 100 years old and she is coming to visit Paddington in London to celebrate. Whilst talking to the manager of an old antique store, he spots a pop-up book about bears. The only problem is that the book is a lot of money – far too much money for our favourite bear! In order to be able to buy the book, Paddington starts a job, which we know will have trouble written all over it! One night, whilst everyone is asleep, a mysterious person breaks into the antique shop and steals the book! Who could it be? Can Paddington find the culprit and buy his favourite book?

Join Paddington in his action packed adventure to find out who stole the book and why…

The movie will be out on the 10 November 2017. This young writer will be providing you with a detailed review on this, sure to be, hilarious film! Watch this space!

By Hannah Oxley

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