The Agera RS breaking 5 new speed records

On the 4th of November the Koenigsegg Agera RS broke five different records for a production car. It now holds a series of new records: the fastest top speed for a production car; fastest 0-249mph-0; fastest 0-249mph; fastest flying mile; and fastest flying kilometre (a flying mile and kilometre is the average speed for whichever distance starting at full speed). As a little extra fact it ran the quarter mile in 9.96 seconds. The car is a mid-engine, rear wheel drive, two-seater race-car with a twin turbocharged 5.0 litre V8 pushing out 1,360 bhp. The car is heavily reliant on aerodynamics but this is certainly in its favour as it features independent front flaps and a rear wing that raises when you reach a certain speed. The new car smashed the record for top speed previously held by the Hennessey Venom GT by 7 mph.

On the interior side, there are 2 carbon fibre memory foam bucket seats, full carbon fibre door panels and centre console to help with weight reduction and even a roof box if you really need it. The car is a real step forward in the automotive world and I cannot wait to see what comes out next from Koenigsegg.

By Miles Legood


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