Thornden live has changed!

Thanks to a recent, and successful, FOTS (Friends of Thornden School) bid, Thornden Live has just been given the funds to change, edit and improve from a basic (slightly outdated) WordPress site into a brand spanking new domain name with full administrative freedom!

Not only is this FANTASTIC news for our bloggers, this also means that we can provide YOU, our readers, with an even wider range of content!

So now we can post things like videos (and we already have several lined up), better quality images, better blogging layouts and an entire ocean of ideas to get YOU reading a website that can BLOW your mind. Adverts will be removed and, with complete freedom from an administrative perspective, we can create and develop the site to really cater for YOU, our readers.

In addition, we’ll be enabling a mailing function so you can have Thornden Live delivered directly to your inbox! All you’ll need to do is sign up!

Here, in HQ (E8), we are working as hard as we can to post the best blogs for our readers: YOU. This is an exciting, new era of Thornden Live and we are all ready to take that one large step into a new world of wonder and challenges, too.

For the 15 – 20 people (ranging from Y7 to Y9) working in E8, this is the beginning of the future: it is a MIRACLE!


By Ben Harry

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