Who is going to be the 2020 Olympics’ mascot?

In 3 years’ time, the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo (that is the capital of Japan). But, the dilemma they are having is… which mascots should host the Olympics??

Altogether, there are 6 mascots to be chosen from: a cat, a dog, a racoon and an assortment of anime-inspired characters. Children all around Japan will vote on which mascots they want to be the face of the event, and the pair that have the highest amount of votes will be the Olympic and Paralympic mascot.

Personally, I would choose the 1st mascots because they look competitive, muscular, sporty and they look like they would work as a team – which is what the Olympics is all about. However, the bottom left mascots haven’t got as bright and vibrant colours as the other two pairs do. So my vote is for the pink and blue cats.

Which one would you vote for? I would love to hear what you would vote form – maybe we could influence Japan’s decision!

Leave a comment down below.

By Hannah Oxley 7BCO

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