The Summer Production!

Thornden School has just heard about the summer production, the phenomenon of the school year. Very few things are known about it, and we don’t even know the name yet! All we know it is very popular with tickets selling out very fast for all the performances.

During Rehearsals, students sometimes get to miss lessons but mostly the rehearsals are after school when everyone has gone home. Everyone who wants to take part has to audition first but if you make it in, it is definitely worth the energy.

According to the teachers of Thornden School they are sure that the successful plays and their years are…

2016 – Singing in the rain

2017 – Buddy Holly

2018 – It Is A Secret!

We are sure that this year’s summer production musical will be the best yet and it will surely turn out to be a BRILLANT performance. If you want more details about the upcoming summer production, keep checking the Thornden Official website for clues about what play it is!

Written By Ben Harry

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