How to survive an apocalypse

A lethal virus has spread across the world and the population has quickly declined. The cities are filling with corpses and there are few other people around. The electricity has gone down, no more food is coming into the supermarkets and society has collapsed. What would you do? This is your ultimate guide to surviving the apocalypse!

First weeks

When the internet servers are not powered you won’t be able to use your phone for YouTube tutorials and Wiki How’s but your phone will not become useless. Maps will still help your navigate for up to 6 months until the satellites fall out of sync. One of your first priorities will be to find a group you can work with it will make life much easier: there’s safety in numbers and it will make the situation much easier to cope with, psychologically. Without hospitals and doctors, looking after your health will be crucial. Even though it sounds simple, just washing your hands is a great way to block disease and it can be made by boiling plant oils and alkalis. You will probably want to move out of your town or city due to aggressive, hungry dogs and rotting bodies, to a more rural setting. A countryside cottage would be a nice place to settle where you can have a traditional log burner to keep warm.

First months

Scavenging for goods will help you out in the long run – a typical supermarket has enough preserved to last one person for 50 years! Unless you want to live off tinned food forever, starting your own farm is most likely to be a good idea. Planting potatoes and carrots should be relatively simple but do you know how to grow and prepare staple cereal crops? Wheat, rice and maize are very nutritious but are indigestible. Roman watermills and medieval windmills were built to harness natural energy to turn stones and grind the grains so we can cook it. This breaks it down so our bodies can absorb it.

First years

To get society back on track you must adopt traditional skills again such as blacksmithery and iron mongering. We can build houses by heating mud or baking clay make bricks and re-learn science by making glass instruments from silica, soda and lime which can be found in sad seaweed and seashells. We are heavily reliant on fossil fuels to power vehicles but they can also be powered by burning wood and directing the energy to the energy. This was a technique used in the world wars. An efficient way to make ovens is using tin cans to make a funnel and lighting it with newspaper and twigs.

Will you survive the apocalypse?

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