Planet Plastic

It is predicted that by 2020 the whole of the Barrier Reef will be extinct. But why? How?

Plastic is made up of polymers that take thousands of years to dissolve; to all animals and humans it is exceptionally poisonous. A shocking fact is that we have polymers in our body! This is because the water we drink contains these harmful polymers due to small bits of plastic flaking off in the ocean, microbeads in make-up being flushed down the drain, as well as general litter being pushed out to sea. Plastic is a massive polluter and we need to save our oceans, animals and ourselves.

There are over 500 times more pieces of plastic in the sea then there are stars in the sky… and there are over 100 billion stars in the galaxy. Also, a gobsmacking 18.3 billion tonnes has ended up as landfill. What are we doing?!

Fish and other animals think that plastic is a food and they eat it. After having a couple bites of plastic, they feel full but, actually, they are not and this can cause them to starve.

There are lots of different ways to stop using plastic. When some people stop using plastic, it makes a BIG difference, so imagine what an impact it could have if we ALL stopped using plastic?

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse
– Buy reusable bags or a bag for life
– Instead of buying bottled water, use tap water and a reusable bottle
– When you go out for dinner, if they offer you a straw say NO or use a paper straw
– When you go to Costa or Starbucks don’t use a plastic coffee cup bring your own cup and then that means you can reuse it.

By Hannah Oxley

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