How To Care For Your Dog

Got a new dog? Don’t know how to manage? Well this guide is here to help…

Dogs are hard to care for as you don’t know their emotions and how they feel. I have two dogs and I know it’s hard to care for them and that it can even be hard to get used to introducing your pup to a new house and new people.

When my second dog arrived (Poppy) and the first one (Titch) got jealous, because Poppy was now getting all the attention. If you do have another dog – or want another dog in future – it’s really good to slowly introduce them to each other and keep an eye on them when they are meeting for the first time.

As puppies my dogs used to be very mischievous and adventurous (one of my dogs even ran away!)

It’s good that your pup has all the injections it needs to finally wander the streets without worrying about other dogs or diseases. And if you live in a house with more than one level it’s good to border off the stairs so your little pup doesn’t hurt itself. When I was younger, my mum and dad and I went to see my dad’s flat that he rented and one of my dogs fell down the stairs! Thankfully, he was OK.

A dog’s bowl

This an essential for caring for your dog; I would definitely suggest that you give your puppy a smaller bowl so they don’t become overweight, because that can cause many other problems for you dog’s health. As your dog gets bigger start replacing its bowl.

This is a very important thing to do if your dog has long hair or is very fluffy. Some dogs have to go into the groomers (poodles and toy poodles just to name a few); these dogs need this treatment so there fur doesn’t get matted.


Dogs love walks. Like really. It’s good to take dogs on walks at least 3 times a day; this will keep your dog exercised. It is also good to play with your dog in the garden.

by Fern Randall

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