The number 1 place to go for people who thrive on the consumer tech business or anyone who is interested in the industry was held last month: the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) between the 9th and 12th of January. Here’s our round up of all the cool things that were shown.

    Virtual And Augmented Reality

It was initially thought to be a fad that would die out or a solution to a problem we don’t have but AR and VR technology is making breakthroughs all the time; it only just taking off. In 2017 it was predicted to be a strong industry with companies such as Apple who are developing AR glasses, an AR kit and proving it can work well on phones. At CES, HTC showed off their upgraded Vive which is the most expensive but has better resolution, integrated headphones, tracking systems and a wireless adapter so there is no need to be plugged into your computer anymore.

This was the best set shown however one of the most significant reasons why most people don’t own a set yet is because of the very high price so great specs isn’t necessarily what VR needs to properly take off.

    My Screen Is Bigger Than Yours…

If your screen isn’t big enough already then CES is the place to find one – is 150 inches large enough? The suitably named 146-inch Samsung 4k TV “The Wall” is made of self-emitting micro LED’s the same thing they use in their cinema screens. LG’s 4k tower projector boasts a 150 –inch screen and a cool 65-inch roll up screen. None if these have prices yet but the 120-inch will make a small dent of £20,000 in your bank account

    Driving Forward

Many companies have delved into the figurative world of self-driving vehicles and it seems nearly everyone is hopping on the bandwagon, even amazon. To list a few of the companies who announced they will be producing self-driving cars is: Lyft, BMW, APTIV and Toyota. Personally I think that this will take decades before we see it frequently on the roads

Written by Miles Legood and Will Marritt

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