It’s hard to believe but stereotypes still exist. Like, the other day, I was at a Car Boot Sale and I was looking for something to do with Pokémon. I came to a stall with had loads of toys at it; I was looking at the items on the table when the guy behind the table said that they didn’t have any girls toys – just a girl superhero and girl smurf (and the girl smurf had been sold). I kind of felt offended. But do people assume things about girls and boys? That girls are into princesses, pop music, Barbie and pink? And that boys are into Batman, rock music and blue?

I’m a girl, but I do like things that are, stereotypically speaking, for boys: rock music, Pokémon and video games.

When sometimes I walk into the Toys section of a store, I look over to the girls section I still see pink…

And the boy’s toys are black. On this Girls’ My First Washing Machine on it says ‘Girls Only’ – are they suggesting that only girls can do the washing?!

Disney has been accused of many things one of them is how they present people, they present the princess as ‘the damsel in distress’ and needing to be rescued. These stereotypes

Gender stereotyping isn’t the only thing that exists within stereotyping; school stereotyping does to.

These are the stereotypes you see in the teen movies: Nerd, Emo, Popular Girls, Goth, Rocker, Jocks, you get the idea… This is a MASSIVE cliche used in teen movies such as Bratz: The Movie and Mean Girls. In Mean Girls everyone hangs out with people of the same race or background, which is one of the many reasons why I don’t like that film and that’s not what happens in the real world.

I think stereotyping is a MASSIVE ISSUE and maybe schools need to teach that to their pupils more and so one gender could stop assuming stuff about the other.

By Fern Randall

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