Sweden: breaking gender stereotypes

Sweden has changed the traditional genders such as boy and girl. Even though those do still exist, many Swedish people commonly use the pronoun ‘Hen’, which defines gender neutral people in their country. Gender neutral means that you identify as no gender, even though you were born with a body of a certain traditional gender.

These changes have started to filter across into all kinds of different places. For instance, these are a couple of the toys that Sweden’s toy industry sells:

These are toys available From Sweden’s toy chain called Leklust, as you can see they have got a boy in a Spider-Man costume with a pink dolls pram. And on the right there is a girl on a toy car. Compare these to the toys we saw in our recent article about stereotypes!

This is another photo of children playing with toy hair products, and one little girl is having her hair done, by a boy.

I think it’s fantastic that Sweden is doing this, as it gives people in Sweden their chance to let their identity show and represents how much it means to them. In Sweden it has started to become more accepted within the community. It’s important that they have shut down the classic stereotypes (which I mentioned in my last blog post); I think it’s so awesome they have made everyone more equal. This might also make other countries (like in England) break down the stereotypes and make everybody more equal.

By Fern Randall

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