Book reviews: Magnus Chase

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor is the second book in the series unlike Rick Riordans better known books such as the Percy Jackson series’ the Magnus chase series is about the Viking Gods. In the first book Magnus saves the world by stopping Fenris’s son Loki from destroying the world. In this book, Magnus has to try and recapture Thor’s hammer. His quest takes him across all nine known worlds to battle giants and even Gods themselves. The main characters in the book are Magnus, who is son of Frey and an unlikely hero, his friends Blitzen and Hearth, who are a dwarf, and an elf and finally Sam a Valkyrie. The first and third book in the three book series, is the Sword of Summer and the Ship of Nails; I recommend you read those, too.

Magnus Chase and the Sword of summer
Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer is the first book in the Magnus Chase series. Magnus awakens in a place called Hotel Valhalla as an einherjar, a dead Viking warrior, where he is told he will spend eternity training for the day of Ragnarök – the day when evil invades the world. He is introduced to a Valkyrie named Sam who brought him to Valhalla, and to his new einherjar hallmates. During Magnus’ welcome feast, the three Norns pronounce Magnus a son of Frey and deliver a prophecy; Sam is banished for choosing him. That night, Magnus’s friends Hearth and Blitz arrive; they reveal they are actually an elf and a dwarf. They convince him to leave the hotel the trio joins up with Sam. They then meets with the god Mimir, who tells them to find the Sword of summer before Surt a fire monster and bringing it to the island of Fenris Wolf. They retrieve the sword from the sea goddess Ran and journey to Nidavellir to secure a new binding for the Wolf…

By Jacob Allderidge

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