My tears are welling up inside me. But, I can’t cry.

I’m not a baby.

I’m in a classroom. In secondary.

I feel like crying. But I can’t.

I stare up at the sky outside, wishing I wasn’t here. I look down at the floor, praying, but it doesn’t swallow me up.

Of course it doesn’t, that’s just magical. And magic doesn’t exist.

Neither does love. That’s why I have a heart of stone.

True love is…

Love forever is…

Love in general is…

Boys just want one night. Not a relationship.

Girls want a man that can take care of them.

But that type of man is rare. Not saying they don’t exist, but they are rare.

And that’s the type of man I don’t want.

I don’t want a man that can take care of me.

I don’t want a man that only wants one night.

I don’t want a man at all.

Someone to look after you? I can look after myself.

Someone to share secrets with? If you break up, who knows what they’ll do with your confessions.

Being known as ‘….’s girlfriend.’

I’m my own self, not someone’s girlfriend. I’m a real person, with feelings.

I’m not a thing.


It does exist, but it’s rare.

Love is a lie.

You don’t get love till you’re 20, or so.

Not proper love anyway.

Sure, we’ve all had those ‘boyfriend, girlfriend’ moments in younger years, but it doesn’t mean anything.


Such a difficult topic, and such a difficult thing to discuss.

Don’t let love change you.

So many people change themselves because they want to impress other girls or boys.

You’re fine the way you are.

And if boys or girls don’t like that, then tough.

We don’t need them anyway.

We are strong.

We are single.

We can follow our dreams without an extra person in our way.

By The Flame

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