A New Beginning


All around me was bliss; everyone was having fun and had beaming smiles that were contagious.

I was so happy for once. Before today, I always felt depressed, forgotten and a piece of dirt on the floor.

Only 3 weeks ago, I was lying hopelessly on the pavements begging for food and water. Filthy looks were thrown at me and people laughing at me, whispering and sniggering to their friends. Oh how I longed to be like them and have a better life.

One cold winter’s night, I was just looking longingly out at the stars hoping that I could have a roof over my head when I felt a soft fury head headbutt my arm. What was it, I thought?

Turning my head around, I saw a very adorable tabby cat that was curled up next to me with its long, soft tail resting on my arm. For once, I felt so joyful! After a while of me stroking its dear little head, it jumped elegantly onto my lap. As I was so relaxed and contented, I fell asleep really quickly that night.

After the best night’s sleep I have had for years, I awoke to the glistening winter snow falling on my forehead. Suddenly, all of what happened last night came flooding back to me… but I started to doubt myself. Was it just a dream or was it actually real life? Questions flooded my mind, like a waterfall. I fully opened my eyes and remembered that it wasn’t a dream; it had happened for real.

However, the beautiful, lovely tabby was gone! I was so heart-broken; I was actually crying. She was my only ever friend, someone that showed affection to me, who loved me! I felt destroyed.

The day seemed to drag on.

Later, I turned and saw a little girl that was crying, her mother holding her tightly whilst her father looked as if he was putting up a missing poster! Squinting, I saw the poster which said, ‘Missing cat, if you find her please phone 05643 784 236!’

There was a picture at the bottom and I immediately knew that it was the cat that I saw yesterday evening, the cat that had shown the first spot of affection to me in years, the cat that sparked hope in my heart again.

I had to help them. I had to tell them that I had seen their missing cat. I ran up to them but I stopped. They wouldn’t listen to me – I am homeless; no one gives anything to homeless people. I tried to put those negative thoughts behind me and suddenly the words “I have seen your missing cat” came out of my mouth. Why did I say that?

Immediately, they turned their backs around and the poor little girl’s head shot up.

“What do you mean?” the mother replied nervously.

“Well, last night, I was staring at the stars when I saw this cat (that I believe is yours) and it came and it sat on my lap all night. However, when I woke up this morning she was gone and I have an idea where she might be,” I answered.

“Oh my goodness! Where do you think she is?” the mother asked whilst her daughter’s face lit up.

“I will be right back,” I say, hoping they will not mind.

Instantly, I had an idea of where their beloved cat would be… In the shop next door? Did I see it go in there last night when I stirred? I rushed there, praying it would be there. It was very quiet when I got there but, in the distance, I could just make out a cat sitting on top of all the books. For once, I did not care what people thought about me; I was just so focused about getting their lovely cat.

When I was little, I had a very beautiful cat named Casper, so I knew how to pick up a cat. Carefully, I picked up the cat and strolled out to the awaiting family. Their faces immediately lit up when they saw their beloved cat. Running so happily, the little girl squealed with happiness and cuddled her.

girl and cat

Whilst the happy, little girl was having fun with her kitty, her mum and dad came over to me and thanked me so much. The next thing they said changed my life…

As they were so grateful, they asked if there was anything that I needed. Before I could say anything, they said that they would pay me to have a house until I got a job! I thought I was in a dream, it was so unreal. Stunned for words, I replied “are you sure?”

Therefore, after a couple weeks, I was settled in my new cosy, new house. I am so grateful to them. I never thought I would have a house of my very one. It is truly is a miracle!

by Anastasia

cute house

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