Through the Lens of Life


It is not hard to be a thief.
It does not take long either.
A matter of seconds
And the deed is done

I thieve millions of things every day.
From the beautiful to ugly,
Jaw dropping to mundane.
Despite this,
I do not want to be this way
Stealing is not right
Yet how can I stop?
It was in my design.
Bit by bit,
Piece by piece,
They built a criminal.

It gets worse than that.

I am not even the one making me do it.
That sole responsibility lies with the button-pusher
The controller
The power-giver.

You must think I am awful…
I do not steal from everyone,
Just one girl named Cassie
She was given me two years ago.
But she hasn’t realised I’m a thief,
They never do.
They just keep on pushing the button,
Until it is all gone.
Then she puts the thieved items into storage
So she can steal more.

Cassie has so many stolen items
Of everything she loves
And wants to remember.
Trips to the park with her bike,
Her first date with the boy with striking blue eyes,
Her 16th birthday, which was her first time in a limousine,
When she got her new puppy…
Everything she treasures
And never wants to forget.

Over the years, her techniques have improved,
You just blink and you will miss it.
Snap your eyes and it is over, just like that.
I guess…

Cassie doesn’t do it like that though.
She makes sure that everyone knows what’s happening.

It always surprises me that people want this to happen,
Fully supportive
Excited even


Maybe the idea of being stolen excites them,
An adrenaline rush maybe, who knows.
They all group together and start smiling,
She strikes!
And it’s over, everyone get’s back to what they were doing.
It’s not a big deal for them, but it is for me.

Every time it happens, I lose space
And the ability to steal more.
But of course, that does not give me the ability to stop,
Never stop, keep on thieving.


by Immy

Photographer woman girl is holding dslr camera taking photograph

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