Love At First Sight


It was time. The time was exactly 5pm. I was wearing a beautiful, blush-pink dress with pure white high heels. This night was going to be amazing and very romantic!

The tyres screeched as they pulled up outside my house. Here we go. This is going to be the moment I will NEVER forget…

‘’Hey Kate. WOW you look so nice!’’ Tom said.

‘’Thanks, are you ready to go?’’ I replied, sweetly.

As we trotted on outside, I spied the limousine. Tom opened the polished, black door, and I elegantly entered the car. I was shocked – he had put so much effort into this just for me!!! The limousine started to move, and Tom handed me a champagne glass. POP! Pouring me a glass, I reached over and I daintily plucked some chocolate from the open box, he had left on the side.

Afterwards, I thought: ‘it had to be the BEST experience EVER! It was anything and everything you could ever want.’


The waiter led us over to our beautifully laid table. Yet again, I was completely and utterly stunned. This could not have been going ANY better, until the ‘cute’ girl in my class at school walked straight over to our table. Straight away, she sat herself right next to Tom, like I wasn’t even there. I had no idea what to do with myself – do I try and fit in with their conversation, or do I run right out of here?

Suddenly, the ‘cute’ girl’s (Jess) ate managed to find his way back to his table. Thankfully, that was her queue to stop giggling with MY DATE!!!

“Right then, shall we get going?” Tom blurted out after a long, awkward silence.

“Well, actually, I thought we could…” No point- he was already waving off Jess.

My cute bubble with Tom had been burst by annoying Jess. He didn’t even speak to me the whole car journey back to my house. I thought he was the one, but he obviously wasn’t.

It was time. The time was exactly 9pm. I was wearing my cosy onesie with my fuzzy slippers. This night had ended and it felt like it hadn’t EVEN started.

by Gem


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