I had nowhere. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere, no one, no way. I was trapped, circled by armed police, my life was over.

“You’re under arrest!” I heard amongst all the ringing in my head. All I could see was a blur of blue flashing lights.

“Put your hands up!”

I hesitantly raised my trembling arms but I knew this was wrong, what had I done?

I could hear people yelling, screaming. I felt anxious, shaky, petrified all the BAD, SCARY feelings. Why, why, why me?! Then, I heard something, something that changed my life FOREVER.

“Stop! This is not the thief!”

It was a voice, a voice that I vaguely recognised, a posh, slightly old voice. It can’t be the Queen of England can it? No way! It was!

crown jewels

“This gentleman is innocent! He did not steal my crown jewels!”

Everyone (including me!) was shocked out of their skin. Firstly, how is the Queen speaking to a normal British citizen, and secondly, what is happening to my life!

Unexpectedly, the Queen turned around and said, “You are a very brave young man. I was in this position, when my sister stole my mother’s very special wedding ring and I got the blame for stealing it!”

I tried to do the most formal laugh possible whilst shaking like crazy. Trust me, it’s hard!

***10 years later***

“…and that’s how I got to meet the Queen of England! Isn’t it amazing?” I said to finish off my incredible story-telling to my 8-year-old son.

“Daaaa-aaaad! That’s not amazing that you saw my great-grandma all those years ago; I see her nearly every day!”

“You don’t realise how lucky you are.” I explained, “You and I are very, VERY lucky.”

by Hattie


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