We Will Remember



This was it. The end of everything I knew.


My legs were running faster than I thought they went. I needed to get under cover no matter how far away I was.


The whole country was in danger and it was down to me to protect the country.


I suddenly saw a shelter and ran for it. I knew I probably wouldn’t make it in time.


I closed the hatch tight and pulled my gas mask securely over my head.


This was it…

The sound was deafening and I clamped my hands over my ears in shock and pain. I could almost smell the toxic fumes passing over my head and you could hear the thunder of flying debris from buildings surrounding the bomb. You could feel the heat rising up over the shelter even though we were miles and miles away. It made me feel sick knowing that thousands of people had died for this war and I was supposed to be saving our country. I hardly dared to breathe knowing that one breath of this poison could knock you out instantly. Sirens blared all around me and I waited for the all clear call which I never thought would come.

We waited for what seemed like days and when my radio bleeped, I jumped in surprise. Could this be the all clear we had dreamed about? Could this be the end of this treacherous war that had gone on for years? Could this be the end of the panic and the disruption that the enemy caused? Shaking, I held the radio up to my ear and listened carefully,

“Soldiers, please return to posts. All clear. I repeat, all clear.”

I clambered out of the shelter and looked around me. Dust filled the air and it was hard to see. I kept my gas mask on and followed the other soldiers out into the clear. I looked around. Everything was destroyed. But, we were free.

November 11th: this was the end of these treacherous few years.

We stood remembering the millions of lives lost for our freedom. All the homes that had been emptied, all the families that had been torn apart. Innocent men had sacrificed everything for us, and for the future. We had lost loved ones; we had lost thousands of young souls for days and days and days on end.

We will remember.

by Clara



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