Edible Christmas Gifts?

1. Cookie in a Jar

A great gift for anyone is a cookie in a jar. Put the dry ingredients of your favourite cookie recipe in layers in the bottom of a jar. Then, write a label telling the person who is receiving the gift what wet ingredients to put in and any further instructions (like how long to cook it for). Decorate with ribbons to make it look very Christmassy!

edible 1.jpg

2. Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is a lovely personalised gift you can make for someone this Christmas. Just get some melted chocolate and spread it on some baking paper. Then sprinkle it with toppings that the person likes. Then let it set. When it has, heat a knife in hot water and neaten up the edges or break it into rough pieces for a more rustic look. Gift wrap with cellophane and a nice ribbon.


3. Chocolates

These look really professional but are actually quite easy to make. First, you will need some kind of mould. Silicone ice cube trays or chocolate moulds are best but you can use just an ice cube try, and, if you have nothing already in the kitchen, you can buy them for quite cheap. Then you will need to line your mould with chocolate and tip out the excess. Let that set. Then fill them with a filling of your choice. Go to https://www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/ for amazing filling ideas. Then fill the rest of the way with chocolate, and voila! Amazing chocolates! Gift in a box or in cellophane to make them look extra special.

4. Melted Snowmen

To make these easy little biscuits, you will need some digestives (or homemade biscuits if you’re feeling it), some big marshmallows and icing in white, black, orange and any other colours you want to personalise your snowmen with. Then, put some icing on your cookies in a squiggly shape and pop on your marshmallow. Give your snowman some eyes, nose, buttons and mouth and any other features. The eat him!

edible 3

5. Hot Chocolate Kit

This is an awesome gift for the big hot choc lovers (like me!). You will need to get a nice jar and put hot chocolate powder in it. Then do the same for marshmallows. Then, add in some candy canes tied together with a lovely ribbon. Add in some roses or Quality Street (whatever the person’s fave chocs are). Put a pair of Christmas cosy socks in as well, as you can’t have hot chocolate without cosy socks! Package in cellophane with a cute ribbon. Or, exchange the socks for a Xmas mug and put everything in that.

edible 4

by Clara

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