Christmas Games for All!

Are you excited for Christmas? Well, I am too!

When Christmas comes along, of course there is always going to be a lot of parties! Parties are amazing; the food, the CAKE, everything. However, when you have Christmas parties, you have to have some games, but can you always think of some that are different from the last year, or the year before that? Well, if you are stuck on what games to play then read on for some festive suggestions!

1. Snowman Bowling!

snowmna bowls

This Christmas party game is super easy to set up. All you need is six empty toilet roll tubes, some colouring pens and a tennis ball.

Draw a snowman on each of your toilet roll tubes, then arrange them in a triangle. Each player then takes a turn to try to bowl all the snowmen over with the tennis ball.

This is a brilliant game to play at a Christmas party as it is endless and fun and can work with any size group of players.

2. Candy Cane Treasure Hunt!


Exactly the same as an Easter Egg Hunt, but this Christmas Elf game uses candy canes instead of Easter eggs!

Simply hide a whole load of candy canes around your house and set the kids away to find them. This should keep them entertained for a while! HO! HO! HO!

3. Marshmallow Tower Challenge!


The aim of this party game is to see who can build the tallest, freestanding tower of marshmallows. Players are allowed to use either dried spaghetti or plastic straws to help construct their towers.

Obviously, this is optional but the winner gets to eat all of the marshmallows!

4. Snowball Pong!


For this fun Christmas party game, you’ll need 10 plastic cups, some Blu tack, a marker pen, a table, and some cotton wool balls. Write the number 10 inside the first cup, the number 20 in the next two cups, 30 in the next three and 40 in the final four. Arrange your cups in a triangle and stick them to the table with Blu tack. Each player then takes turns to stand a set distance away from the cups and throw a “snowball” (a cotton wool ball) into a cup. The player with the highest score is the winner!

5. Build a Snowman Race!

This Christmas party game for kids is great fun, but make sure you’ve got plenty of toilet roll to spare!

Split your party into two or more teams. Each team has to nominate one player as their “snowman.” The teams then race to see who can wrap their snowman up in toilet roll, scarf and hat the fastest!

by Anastasia

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