Following the Chris Bradford Year 8 visit, I thought that you might like to hear a series review about one of his most popular series, The Bodyguard.

The series has 6 books: Hostage, Ransom, Ambush, Target, Assassin and finally Fugitive.

Below is a quick summary of the first book (with no spoilers) and then my opinion on the plot, characters and tone of the story. Every week (in term time when the club is running!) I will publish a review on one of the books so, this week, I’ll be reviewing Hostage, the first book in the series.

This is the first book in the series and it’s awesome!

Connor Reeves is a normal teenager, with a mysterious dad and a real talent for jujitsu. However, his mum is very ill, so when Connell Black, who has a strange connection with Connor’s father, asks him to join Buddyguard (a young bodyguard organisation) to cover his mum’s medical costs, he makes a decision that will change his life forever.

Adventure awaits him as he is thrust head first into his perilous future! He is sent to protect the President’s daughter, fierce and rebellious Alicia. However, all is not as it seems, and Connor soon finds himself right in the middle of one of the biggest terrorist attacks ever. His is Alicia’s only defence…

This book was a really awesome introduction to the series; it had lots of adventure and was written in such a way that it captivated me from the start to the end. The characters in this were really clever, and Connor has the perfect balance between brazen boldness and caring and concern. Alicia is really cool and provides a great air of risk-taking and strength to the book. I loved the plot, and it was incredibly clever, with twists and turns to satisfy any adventure lover!

It was an awesome start to a phenomenal series. Watch this space for the next in the series, Ransom.

by Immy

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