Top 5 Xmas Gifts?


One of the best presents everyone dreams for is a puppy, as it is a great Christmas present! People always love babies, so why are puppies different? Another good gift idea is a kitten if you prefer cats over dogs – I’m sure you would sure love it! Although, it has to be said, this present may take some pleading with Santa for!

Another great gift is any phone (if you’re lucky enough to be able to add this to your Xmas list and are in need of an upgrade!). For example, an iPhone is a great idea!


This one is for any age, but maybe not for those aged five and under, as it has chemicals in it. This is slime! It is a sticky, gooey “stuff” that is very popular at the moment, and it’s also very popular on YouTube and other social media platforms – it looks a lot of fun!


Another great present this year is squishes; they are a new stress toy but have foam inside. Also, they come in many varieties such as animals and food and, if you’re stressed, it will make you feel better.


Another good present is an Xbox – every kid, if they like video games, wants one of these!

by Ella

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