I Love Torture


Humans really love meat. They love it, but it is torture to animals and uses up loads and loads of resources. Humanity’s meaty diet is the result of many plants and trees being cut down – many people do not know this.

We keep 23,000,000,000 chickens, 1,500,000 cattle, and 1,000,000,000 pigs and sheep… just for meat. That is a lot of mouths to feed! That is why 83% of farmland is used just for feeding animals that are going to be slaughtered for our use – that’s 26% of Earth’s land area and if we include the water for these crops, that’s 27% of all or fresh water consumption. Meat production goes through resources like babies go through nappies. Most of their food is used up to just keep them alive, like us. Cows, for example convert only 4% of the proteins and 3% of the calories that we feed them into beef. 97% is wasted.

Let’s make it proportional:

  • To make 1 kg of steak, a cow needs to eat 25kg of grain and uses up to 1500 litres of water. According to predictions, we could feed 3.5 BILLION people if we just ate the things we feed to animals.
  • To make it more environmentally nasty, the meat industry causes 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 200 million animals are killed every day, just for meat production. That’s 74 billion a year. Every 1 and a half years, we kill more animals than the total number of humans that have existed in the 200,000 years of the span of human existence.
  • Most pigs are raised in sheds and never get to see the sun.
  • Dairy houses force cows to breed for their milk and are separated from their calves just hours after birth.
  • To make beef they are put in confined spaces where they can just eat, but not roam so they put on weight.


Free Range?

Chickens are the worst. Chickens are kept so close together they lose the social bonds and start attacking each other. Famers have to clip their beaks and claws to stop them. Male chickens are deemed worthless so the male chicks get gassed and shredded.

If you get free range stuff, good for you. Not actually. Free range is an exaggerated term. They’re designed to make a minimum of comfort. A chicken might share one square meter of space with five others.

It also needs even more resources than conventional meat production. If suffering was a sort of currency, everyone would be living in huge mansions and people might look into giving their ‘money’ away for free.

What’s the solution?

The best option now is to opt out now and then, try to get meat from trusted sellers. Go for chicken and pig rather than beef and lamb because they produce meat more efficiently. Actually eat your meat, not leave it to mould or rot. In the future, you can get lab meat and these things are actually getting developed. And some taste disgusting, but some of them are actually good and might be in the market soon.

All of the information here came from a great channel called Kurzgezagt and the credit for this article goes to this channel.

By Karthi



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