Just sometimes,

You catch a glimpse of a boy and he stays in your mind the rest of the day. He isn’t obviously good-looking: maybe his brown hair isn’t in that ‘gorgeous’ haircut, maybe his face is a little weird shaped. But he stays in your mind. Sure, you’ve seen better looking, maybe you thought you were into blondies, but this boy just won’t leave your mind. You have no clue why.

Perhaps he is a close mate, who you suddenly saw differently one day. Perhaps when you are talking to him, you can’t help but think what it would be like with him as your boyfriend. Perhaps if you’re sitting in maths, and you seem him flirting with other girls, you get jealous. Yet he isn’t your man. Yet he isn’t even your type, or so you thought.

Perhaps people tease you and him.


Perhaps people always say you should be together, and you go red, answering with the normal “we aren’t dating,” response. Yet you kind of want to. Perhaps you want to date him, but you don’t want to ruin your friendship.

Perhaps he gets teased as well. Maybe his mates make a joke about you being his girlfriend and he kind of mumbles an answer you don’t hear, which makes you excited because maybe he actually wants you to be his girlfriend, or he likes you. Maybe other people say he likes you. Perhaps he has already made his move, but perhaps he hasn’t. Maybe he is too scared, or just doesn’t like you in that way. What do you do then? Maybe you want to hint you like him, but if it goes wrong you’re scared it will get out in the class, or he’ll go really awkward around you.

Perhaps you keep catching his eye, like a lot, or you keep hearing your name mentioned maybe in your science class. Yet when you ask him what that was about in science, he blushes and says he doesn’t know what you were talking about.

Maybe, just maybe, he does something and looks straight at you to see your reaction. If you smile, impressed, or roll your eyes, disgusted. Maybe he tells jokes more, hangs around you and your friends more, or runs his hand through his hair a bit more.

Perhaps he asks for help on science homework, just to have something to talk about. Or maybe he is dumb, but he doesn’t seem dumb in the lesson. Maybe in PE, he always talks to you, and if you are on different teams, playing something like capture the flag, he always defends you and tries to target you. Perhaps, once his team had won a point, he came over to ‘rub it in your face’, but he does it with a flirty smile.

Perhaps you’ll go into school tomorrow and something good will happen with this not obvious-good-looking-boy-but-still-cute-in-your-eyes.


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