Much Ado About “To-Do Lists”

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Don’t you hate not getting your “to-do” list done? Don’t you hate getting distracted from your list of things to do? Well, this article will hopefully help you stay a bit more organised…

Turn your phone off when you need to get stuff done

Your phone can sometimes really distract you from getting stuff done. So, instead, you should turn your phone off or give it to another family member. This will hopefully remove the temptation of looking at your phone and should definitely stop procrastinating!

Give yourself a reward for getting your jobs done

When you complete a job or a few jobs you could give yourself a reward, for example, some chocolate, chill out time, doing something you really love, but don’t have a chance to do that often. This will help you stay motivated and get more jobs done, as you know you will get a nice treat afterwards.

Write a helpful “to-do” list

Sometimes, you can write a bunch of stuff down a piece of paper and it’s not helpful AT ALL. You could have written it really quickly, written it down when someone else was talking to you, or have really bad handwriting…

Instead, you could type it out on a laptop or on your phone, or buy a special notepad which has it already laid out for you.

to do pen

Have a tidy workspace

Wherever you are getting most or all of your jobs done, it needs to be relatively tidy. If you are working somewhere which is extremely messy and you can’t see anything on your table, you might get really stressed or annoyed. This could cause you to move on from getting your jobs done.

Complete your jobs with the write sounds

You shouldn’t be completing your jobs with the television on, or your music on, if it’s going to distract you. However, if you think that having noise in the background of your working will help, then do so. Just make sure you decide the right noise, otherwise you could get distracted and lose track of time.

This will hopefully be really useful for you and keep you on track of your jobs!

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