Under and Between the Stars


Somewhere, in a distant land, or just round the corner of your house, there is someone on the streets: scared and afraid.

But when you meet them, they’re not what you think they are on the outside, judging from stereotypes and first appearances in their shoddy, weather torn clothes.

They’re like you and me, but sitting, waiting for someone to find them and bring them home.

Whereas, we have homes. We have family. We know our place in this big, old world.

And them. They don’t have homes.

They don’t have family to take care of them when they get sick.

They just look up to the stars and bless the lord for life.

We take that for granted.

So next time you see someone on the streets, let your heart open to them, and look up to the stars and thank the Lord.

For more information on homelessness, or to support homeless people, please visit: https://centrepoint.org.uk/

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