Up in the Atmosphere


High up in the atmosphere,
You can barely breathe.
The air has run away…
You’re falling too fast,
Can’t catch your escaping breath and
Your idiot friend follows you,
But you can’t let them die.
You throw your parachute up…

Saved them

Not yourself
You are spiralling further and further
Out of control

High up in the atmosphere,
Everything above you has gone.
The clouds spare you no mercy and
The torrents of rain fall.
The wind lashes your face like a whip,
You have no breath left,
Anything can help you…

Nothing comes

Suffocation closes in
You are spiralling through the clouds
Out of control

The people below scream but you’re too

High up in the atmosphere
The helicopters fly into action
Your dying thoughts think….
They’re too late.
Nothing’s going to help.

Not anymore

Not this high

The people miss you,
Yet they do not join you.
Fury and pain
Unwelcome but here.
You gain the last speed boost…
Low down in the city

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